WAYK Mandarin Chinese

Here’s player David Edwards, at Stanford University, sharing Mandarin with a friend for the first time. It’s a lot of fun to watch, and with subtitles too! Keep in mind we’ve never played with David, which makes it all the more fun to follow the game. We’re always really excited when we see video of folks who’ve picked up WAYK over the internet!


3 thoughts on “WAYK Mandarin Chinese

  1. Wow!!! I alternated between laughing out loud and staring in wonderment watching this. You guys definitely got game.

    What stood out for me David, is how much you trusted technique “copycat”, and you technique “went first” with that in a way that your friend just went along with you into a level of fun-ness I haven’t experienced before.

    I had an aha moment watching this around the whole presumed difficulty of having to pay attention to the pitch of your voice (which has been an offputting thing about Mandarin before) – that’s one of the very things that makes technique “copycat” so fun and so irresistable here.

    More please!

  2. What we see here is the importance of the relationship between he who gives and he who receives : a good spark is not a fire without good tinder.

    Very fantastic Video !!

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