Advanced WAYK Play at December’s Seattle Workshop

Evan explaining technique "Último" alongside the three adult superior Latin speakers at Wyoming Catholic College (from left, Patrick, Nancy, and Scott), and one of the next generation of Latin speakers (young Anna).

As some of you know, we are having an open WAYK workshop in Redmond, WA (near Seattle) December 3-5, 2010.

We’d like to underscore how much of an opportunity this is for experienced players. We’re now entering a phase where we have enough experienced language hunters that in this workshop we can set a special focus for mentoring the improvement of the Intermediate/Advanced WAYK players, as defined by the WAYK proficiency scale.

If you have already led games or even language nights, expect your play to jump in proficiency as you acquire higher level techniques and approaches.

We heartily encourage any one with play experience to join the novice/newbie players at this upcoming workshop. Your “language hunting” will thank you for it!

Register here.


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