Put Yourself on the Map

If you don’t know yet, as a WAYK player you have a couple resources for connecting up with the community of  language play out there.

We have a WAYK google group, with a few months of discussion by experienced players and WAYK staff.

Recently, Dave, one of our distant WAYK players, set up a google map for players to drag and drop their location into, so nearby players can find each other. Check it out here. You can easily see who has already put their location on it, but to add your own, you’ll need to log in to a google account, go back to the map, and click the “edit” button. You’ll see a blue pointer in a box along the top of the map – click on it to get a pointer to move around.

If you don’t have anybody nearby, don’t despair, we have great videos online for learning the basic game, and we have workshops every month in some part of the world. We just put up our open-source roadmap for getting to Intermediate proficiency on the ACTFL language scale.

And you can always invite us to your hometown!


One thought on “Put Yourself on the Map

  1. hi Willem, Tia here – I would really like to do the WAYK game with Espanol…is this a language you work with on one of the language nights?

    many hugs

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