Free Tutoring in WAYK Via Skype

A small sample of the many WAYK techniques

An ongoing issue of trying to share WAYK over the internet, is the paradox of it being so easy to learn in person, yet so difficult via video, podcast, and text.

We’re making a special offer; every Thursday, we’ll have a few hour-long slots dedicated to tutoring folks struggling to learn the game via the internet over skype.

There are some prerequisites, of course. First we’ll need a short video of your game play uploaded to youtube, so that we’ll have a sense of what techniques you know how to wield, and what issues may be coming up for you.

The second issue is that we will always give top priority to folks working with endangered languages and players supporting the WAYK events.

Otherwise, the slots will be offered on a first come, first-served basis. Just contact us at

Thanks everyone for playing.


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