WAYK Western Abenaki, “What is that?” to “Want/Have/Give/Take”

Here’s two videos from the Western Abenaki Language Camp, that took place this July 2010. It’s exciting to see adults and kids playing together, with a lunatic fringe that seems to occasionally shake their heads in amazement at the proficiency of the young players. Keep in mind that these folks pulled this game together all on their own – Evan and I have never even met them! This video is the first time we’ve seen Western Abenaki WAYK. Pretty cool.


5 thoughts on “WAYK Western Abenaki, “What is that?” to “Want/Have/Give/Take”

  1. Wliwni wji chachabna k’kinamotlowabna! Thanks for sharing our vid!

    I hope its helpful to those playing the game. We have tweeked it to our own needs and as Willem says, never actually learned how to play from anything but the instructional vids and blogs on this site and from our own xp with it. Its one of the most powerful tools I have ever used in my attempts to learn and teach the Western Abenaki language and can’t thank you guys enough for all the work you’re doing.

    The addition of the on screen translations was something I though would really help people get just what is happening in the game much faster.

    alemapksw! rock on! 😉

  2. Jesse,
    The on-screen translations seem to the element that clears everything up for people not in-the-know; your video is kind of the clincher in this regard. It really illuminated where your conversation was going. This is something we plan to do with our public videos from now on.


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