WAYK Unangax (Aleut) Language Revival in Bellingham, WA

Save the Date!

From August 24th through the 30th, in Bellingham, WA, Evan Gardner and Willem Larsen will be facilitating a week-long WAYK training and Unangax language revival event.

If you are a WAYK player and would like to support Unangax language revival, along with honing your WAYK play to an unbelievable degree (7 days! Can you imagine?), contact us: whereareyourkeys@gmail.com.

This workshop is also open to other Native American/First Nation folks interested in learning the WAYK method so that they can apply it to their own language revival.

If you are a returning WAYK player, and can only come for one day, the first day is the most important day that we need help (though please come whenever you can).


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