Squamish Activist Plans Language Conference in Vancouver, B.C.

The upcoming “Save Your Language” conference is finally getting in the news.

Check it out:

Squamish Nation activist plans conference to save First Nations languages in B.C.

Dustin Rivers knows that the language of his people has been described as “critically endangered” and “nearly extinct”.

Unless drastic action is taken right now to save Skwxwú7mesh snichim, the 20-year-old member of the Squamish Nation told the Straight, the language could be gone within 10 years.

“My opinion is that, if our language dies, then our identity as a nation dies,” Rivers said via cellphone from a ferry in Howe Sound. “If we don’t speak our language, then we’re not Squamish anymore. Then everything else—land, culture, rights, all of it—it doesn’t mean anything.”

Go to straight.com for the article.

Go to the “Save Your Language” conference website for more info and registration.


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