The WAYK “Universal Speed Curriculum”

I plan to make a free downloads page somewhere on the site, and to kick it off, I thought I’d post up Evan’s “Universal Speed Curriculum”, a conversational curriculum composed of English questions and answers, between two people.

So, how do you use the “USC”? Essentially, you’ll recognize in it the base conversation occurring in all the “Where Are Your Keys?” game videos, just without the marked techniques. So on the one hand, you can use it to bolster your understanding of what happens in the game (and we plan to make further videos to “chunk it down” too), and on the other hand, you can pick the language that interests you, and simply “write-in” the translations of each sentence.

This Universal Curriculum works in any language; it embodies the most basic conversation you can have. For now, I’ll let you discover on your own how it translates into other languages (no two languages quite have the same concepts, no matter how simple), but I’ll also happily answer questions.

So there you have it: the Universal Speed Curriculum! Use it well!


7 thoughts on “The WAYK “Universal Speed Curriculum”

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  3. Hey there Evan and Willem!

    I am currently translating all this into Turkish, and am going to integrate it into our the Turkish lessons we have daily here on the farm..
    I am so glad that this has taken off! it is a wonderful way to learn and teach.

    Evan, I am sorry that there were not more meetings to learn Chinook last year, but I hold the knowledge dear to my heart, and still use the sign language you taught us!

    Maybe at some point in the future our paths will cross again,

    Take Care!


    • Lisha, we would LOVE any new adaptations to the Universal Speed Curriculum!
      We are also hoping that people see room for adaptations and necessary adjustments in the USC to fit their language. We are aware that this could mean adding several pages to a USC but should be kept in the same minimal step by step outline of the original USC. If anyone has recommendations for making the USC even faster or more universal we would love to hear about it. And of course we would love audio/visual of the USC exchange between two people.

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